27 April 2010

Call the B.C. Liberal government...

...for assistance with a mentally-ill child... lose all your kids...

"We're a lot better at it than we were 10 years ago," said Coleman. "We've actually gone to a different form of contract management that is saving us a lot of money that we can actually put back into services for people.
You mean like foster care?
"Social workers, along with the RCMP, then came to take all three of the younger children and put them in foster homes. Leah said she believes the government is paying $6,000 a month for her son's foster care, which she said infuriates her."
And, bear in mind, that's not the child that precipitated the problem.

See Rich... not to put too fine a point on it... the outcome here suggests you're either an idiot... or, well... er... that's all I've got.

Snatching up three other kids... and leaving the violent, mentally-ill adult child with the distraught parents... that's just cruel & dangerous... not to mention expensive.

Who actually wins here?


langmann said...

There is a book available called "Maddness in the Streets". It is written by two scientists in the area of mental health. They have no political bias.

Basically it catalogs how the closing of mental health institutes and the so called "community living" programs have turned thousands of people who need constant monitoring and help out on the streets. There they become addicted to drugs, have to do crime, and are vulnerable to those who would abuse them. Sometimes they commit murder or assault due to the nature of their illness.

It is all done mostly in the name of enlightenment and "progress". Usually, unsuprising, liberals are behind this but not always. Often those who are supposed to work with the patients in the community end up sucking up the money for themselves - wages, rent, offices, secretaries, studies etc.

This is a big problem. There are a lot of physicians who secretly think this community based treatment is yet another big lie.

Neo Conservative said...

i hear ya.

the screechy, never-ending liberal mantra of "more social workers"... not really doin' the job... is it?

there's 1.4 billion dollars we'll never see again.


liberal supporter said...
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Neo Conservative said...

sorry, libby... you crossed a line... you don't get to comment here anymore.


rbudde said...

Hi Neo, I think I have mentioned this before but the "Liberal" government here in BC is actually very much a Conservative entity. Way far right. Just wanting to save you embarrassment.

Neo Conservative said...

puh-leese, peace moonbeam... you're worried about me embarrassing myself?

robbie... sometimes you just crack me up.


Rob Budde said...

It was a bit of information Neo. No need to get defensive. Do you know what the Campbell government is about? Maybe do some research?

Neo Conservative said...

"rob 'grey owl' budde says... it was a bit of information Neo"

yes, of course robbie... you're all about the information, aren't you?

"If we (we two whiteys) are going to live here peacefully, on someone else's land, there has to be some sort of reckoning."

a reckoning, huh?

oh yeah... that's where you were attempting to justify the murder of officer marcel lemay, of the surete du quebec, who was shot and killed by an aboriginal terrorist at the oka standoff.

"Yes, yes, marcel lemay, you've mentioned him already, got it. He shouldn't have been there."

but that's how all you compassionate, intellectual lefties, roll, isn't it?

oh heck, there i go... being defensive again.