22 April 2010

I, for one... have nothing but...

...the utmost respect for our new overlord...



The return of Metrosexual Marty

"What brand of lube feathers yer puckered arsehole these days?"
Wow... you just never know what's gonna set somebody off. And why is it that the biggest insult the compassionate intellectual left can come up with these days, is... "you're a fag."

Looks like somebody's off their meds... again.


Anonymous said...

Always knew you loved it up the ass Conservaturd. The obsessive posting about all things "QUEER" was a dead give away. Someone's a toilet traitor and can't deal with it. How much gay porn you watchin' while the missus is out earning the income for the family?

ps. please link to some dusty old post of yours and call me an "anti-semite".

pss. what brand of lube feathers yer puckered arsehole these days?

Anonymous said...

psss. that should give you enough to keep you busy for awhile.

pssss. now that the Conservative Action Plan is providing candied cornholes for everyone, any chance of employment on the horizon?

Neo Conservative said...

two homo-erotic rants in the space of 3 minutes, nonny?

what's up with that... too cheap for actual phone sex?


Blame Crash said...

Now doesn’t this remind of what the Liberal Party members did when the Toronto corporate welfare pigs barked at them. They’ll do anything they’re told, as long as they get to sniff the big dogs arse once in a while. What a pathetic crew!

Neo Conservative said...

so... the term "conservaturd" sounded kinda familiar... and i went through my posts and i found one person who used that word repeatedly.

remember martin?

"psst..Know what Neo honey, I'm actually a woman. Know what else? I think you're creepy."
Posted by Martin to halls of macadamia at 2:04 PM, April 17, 2009"

yup... looks like ol two-spirited marty didn't get that counseling he so desperately needed.


langmann said...

Wow, martin sure hates homosexuals. Typical liberal base voter.

neo, I wonder when they're actually going to figure out that calling you homosexual really doesn't bother you at all? Not to mention that it makes them look like the haters they really are.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... wonder when they're actually going to figure out that calling you homosexual really doesn't bother you"

it's just beyond me that these guys think they're accomplishing anything here.

marty & company also scream about me being fat & bald... a similar sort of silliness.

it's the kind of thing that might upset a six year-old child... but marty seems not to get that.

and that whole weirdness about "being a woman" and now posting as "anonymous" seems to suggest martin has some weightier issues.

ah, well... what can you do?


George Roy said...

What's the point of all this? If it were my blog I'd delete the nonsense and carry on. I sense that you enjoy this childish babble.

Neo Conservative said...

"george roy says... If it were my blog..."

and george... if your mother had wheels... she'd be a truck.

heck... lemme have the url of your website... and i'll see if i can help you out with editorial policy.

you're good with that, right?


Anonymous said...

conservaturd lives for this shit Georgie boy. he even edited his post to announce my return to his little hobby.

the mostly truly pathetic aspect of all this is how i can turn up and get turdy to invest half an hour searching through old posts and rewriting the current. ol' neo is pretty predictable and getting him to jump through hoops is easy. if only it were more of a challenge.

Neo Conservative said...

"marty shrieks... get turdy to invest half an hour"

yes, marty... i see you... and it's especially nice that you have all these lofty life goals.

unfortunately... even given your constant & ever-fascinating references to anuses... i'm still way more important to you... than you are to me.

in fact... has anybody ever responded to any of your little rants with anything other than laughter?

and hey, how's that gender-shifting thing working out for you?

here's a thought... maybe try a little less self-loathing & a little more lithium?

we worry about you.