23 April 2010

Now, if they wanted to be on the...

...absolutely authentic bleeding edge... they could have had a female character trying to throw off her burqa...

Wait a minute... how does that actually work out in the real world?

Okay... scrap the burqa thing... let's get back to Riverdale...
I just have one question here. How do you think all the little gay boys devouring Archie comics are gonna feel about "hunky" Kevin Keller?
We blow our collective pinko brains out trying to prevent our daughters from being brainwashed by scantily-clad rockstar and supermodel stereotypes... but our sons are fair game?

C'mon Peace Moonbeam... what's that about?


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"Within days, if not hours, Liberal MPPs had constituents calling their offices to complain that the province wanted to explain anal sex to eight-year-olds."
I don't know why the Liberals recanted here... it kinda fits right in with Premier McSlippery's infamous "crack-pipe" initiative.


Anonymous said...

more with the gays turdy? somebody is obsessed with cock. most guys got off on betty or veronica, not you eh big boy? you're more of a reggie fan.

Neo Conservative said...

good ol' marty posting as anonymous yet again.

catch his class act over in another comment thread here.

funny... any reference to homosexuality seems to make him insane with rage... except, of course when it's him talking about anuses.


Anonymous said...

dunno turdy. you seem to be the guy always worried about other mens cocks.

oh yeah, it's me. can't be bothered signing it. like it matters.

seriously, do you have a job?

Neo Conservative said...

again with the dirty talk, marty? you just make my point for me... again.

just too cheap to pay for actual phone sex, huh?


Anonymous said...

no answers, just babble. why the obsession with cock? and please, i promise i'll never come back again if you answer one simple question...do you actually have a job?

ps. i love it when you link to my past efforts. it shows you care. big kiss turdy.

Neo Conservative said...

and now a kiss, marty? seriously?

lemme see... between your chasing me through just these two comment threads, we have what... a dozen silly homo-erotic references?

and look at all the creative ways you managed to work the word "turd" into the conversation.

just face it, pal... you've got some thorny personal issues and you need to work them out on somebody else's time.

so please marty, do us all a favour... get a boyfriend, get a cat... for gawd's sake... get some help.

this is just sad.