27 April 2010

Liberal Party of Canada calls for...

...mandatory plastic eating utensils... and disbanding of the nuclear family...

The number of homicides committed with knives has risen in Canada and equals the number committed with guns. Family members committed 35 per cent of stabbings.
Hey... that "family" thing... it worked for Michael Ignatieff.


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Despite being momentarily astounded by a paucity of cognac & truffles...
Too bad he didn't have a similar "Live Canadian" plan... until he decided he wanted to be Prime Minister.


"The state has no business in the kitchens of the nation."
Ooooh... zing.


robins111 said...

The Liberals are getting bitch-slapped in the comments like there is no end.

The common thread is a 'knife registry' Bah wah

Neo Conservative said...

you know... i've always been a little suspicious of that shifty jamie oliver.

sure, he talks a good game... but what kind of violent freak chooses a career where you've almost always got a meticulously sharpened edged weapon in your hand.


Rich said...

You are overly optimistic about the Libs wanting plastic knives and forks....I hear they are going to mandate rubber utensils....with curved edges so no one will be hurt if they fall. Naturally, the implements will have to be registered as well.

Anonymous said...
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Neo Conservative said...

sorry, libby... you crossed a line... you don't get to comment here anymore.


langmann said...

All meat should come pre-cut in small slices so that people no longer need knives. Same with vegetables for those vegetarian folks.

We should also ban sticks, both the sharp and blunt hard variety. As well as rope. Pills don't need to be banned because they're already registered.

Now stop for a minute and think about what 2 billion could have done for mental councelling and anger management. Often I have someone show up at the ER saying they're going to kill themselves. They want help. I talk to them nicely and then tell them the waiting list for help is 6-9 months. OH an no I cannot admit them because there are no beds. This is a big problem. Much bigger than guns or knives.

Anonymous said...

The state has no business in the kitchens of the nation.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... The state has no business in the kitchens of the nation."

i love it.


Colin said...

No prior numbers, has total crime gone down? What has the family rate been historically. With population increase it only makes sense that total numbers will increase, what's the per capita rate.

And what a stupid, incidental knock on the Eat Canada plan. Is the idea of eating local a bad thing? Or are you attacking it because it comes from someone you don't politically agree with. Don't be willfully blind.

Neo Conservative said...

"colin says... it only makes sense"

yes colin... because you say so.

the liberal party is so corrupt, they had to import a leadership candidate from outside the country.

a man who is willing to manipulate anything & everything to get his hands on the levers of power.

wake up & smell the iggy...

“Nothing is personal in politics, because politics is theater. It is part of the job to pretend to have emotions that you do not actually feel.”

yeah... trust that guy.


Matthew Shatz said...

the liberal party is so corrupt, they had to import a leadership candidate from outside the country.

The problem for Conservatives is that they believe they can feast on "Adscam" forever. It may have given Harper his chance to remake the country in his own image but time's running out. Time and again, Canadians make it clear that they don't trust the man with a majority.

As for your knock on Iggy, I know it's difficult for you to understand that many successful people live and work abroad and then return home. Harpo didn't even have a passport when he was elected. He's the equivalent of a guy who's lived in his mother's basement his whole life. Yup, that's the guy to take us forward.

For a guy who has whined about giving our farmer's a fair shake, you should applaud any initiative to help them.

Life's tough for people who are so attached to ideology. I'm sure you've learned that the hard way.

Neo Conservative said...

"matthew says... they can feast on "Adscam" forever"


you think adscam is the only beef conservatives have with the liberal party?

let's go back to saint pierre trudeau taking the national debt from 28 billion to 300 billion dollars.

and two billion dollars in the name of fighting crime... to go after farmers, skeet shooters & duck hunters? do you know how many mri machines that would have bought?

i could go on & on... but you sound like a true believer who isn't gonna open his mind whatever i say.

pull your head outta your ass, matthew.

the air is way fresher out here.