25 April 2010

Hang on... does this mean the NDP...

...has to toss insanely-revered Saint Tommy Douglas under the bus?
Just another question you'll never see anyone ask on CTV's Question Period.


Anonymous said...

In the comments on the article, you are still seeing the lefty's promoting eugenics. I say no to a statue of Nellie, the soul mate of Hitler.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... still seeing the lefty's promoting eugenics"

that's funny... i never hear commie jack layton braggin' up ol' tommy's eugenics pedigree.

what's the deal there?


Honey Pot said...

The left are still preaching eugenics with their abortion on demand up until the first breathe of the baby.

I was shocked when I read the comments, with the left coming out in droves to promote it. They usually try to hide their agenda as to not make the hair stand up on the back of many Canadian's necks.

Their argument is so what if Nellie preached eugenics and espoused the virtues of forced sterilization of First nations, and the poor, she got the vote for women.

One could argue that Hitler killed six million Jews because he believed he was doing the world a favour, but that is no reason not to give him the noble Peace Price. He was kind to dogs, so does that make him a good person?

Honey Pot said...

Now the eco-freak glowtardians are getting in on it. It is getting real creepy. They say eugenics is needed to save the earth, for only certain people. According to the glowtards anyone with a disability should be sterilized, and kicked off the planet first. Looks like they will be selling solvent green at the A&P next spring.

Neo Conservative said...

"hp says... Their argument is so what if Nellie preached eugenics"

gotta wonder sometimes about the compasionate, intellectual" left.

and, if tommy douglas was really so interested in weeding out the socially undesireable... i can't imagine what he'd say about his "bad-boy grandson" kiefer sutherland.


langmann said...

Good catch neo.