19 April 2010

G&M misses headline opportunity

How about... "Police stop terrorist armed with 5000 kg missile?"

-- TORONTO -- "Reports suggested the driver was going through red lights with his headlights off. Police reportedly set up a roadblock and opened fire when the driver steered his car at them." --
Hey, Gomer... you call the tune... ...don't be too surprised somebody punches your dance card.


UPDATE: Guided missile driver id'd
"Ontario's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is continuing to probe the circumstances surrounding the death of 50-year-old Wieslaw Duda of Mississauga."

RELATED: Count Ignatieff to whip vote...

...on "Farmer Bob Rifle Registry"... 'cos it's obviously time to kick a little duck hunter, target shooter, sheep farmer ass...
-- OTTAWA -- Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he’ll require his caucus to oppose the next vote to scrap the controversial long-gun registry.

He says a new Liberal government would also eliminate fees for new licences, renewals and upgrades.
Uh, Michael... does this mean we get our "two billion dollars" back?


LAST WORD: Paging Corrections Canada

Here's a thought. Just lock everything up tight & leave them there.

They'll figure it out in a day or so.


Big Red Magnum said...

hear hear!

Joe said...

Don't know why but with the tiny bit of information provided here I somehow think that a death sentence for a traffic violation seems a bit extreme.

I do hope there is more to this story and the police were in fact justified in killing the man.

Neo Conservative said...

"gentle joe protests... a death sentence for a traffic violation"

sorry joe... what part of... "drove his car at the officers"... are you just not absorbing?

in truth... i'd rather take my chances with a bullet than be fly-swatted by a rapidly moving 2 ton chunk of iron.

let's face it... this was potentially lethal behaviour... and this guy's death was self-inflicted injury. the obvious upside for society is that he won't be around to do it next weekend.

here's a thought... if a gangbanger shoots at somebody and misses... should we charge him with being a public nuisance, or maybe littering?

no harm, no foul... right?