14 April 2010

Hey Joseph... here's a thought...

...maybe in your next life... you could refrain from gunning down any cops...

Canadian authorities and Pannell declined to comment, but his Web site says he's barred from Canada on grounds of "serious criminality" and for being a national-security threat.

He's urging supporters to sign a petition for Canada to grant him a temporary resident permit on humanitarian grounds.
Hmmm... what exactly did this self-described "well-loved and respected member of the community" do to deserve such dastardly treatment?
Pannell was 19 when he shot Knox three times on June 7, 1969, after the rookie cop asked him if was playing hooky. Pannell skipped bail and fled to Canada in 1974.
Sorry, Joe... shooting a police officer three times isn't "serious criminality"... it's attempted murder.

I, for one... don't want you in my country.


oxygentax said...

If they really want to be reunited, perhaps his wife and children should relocate to the United States and be told exactly WHY they are being relocated. Not that "Daddy did something stupid 41 years ago", that "Daddy shot at a police officer 3 times in 1969".

I don't imagine that he obtained his Canadian citizenship while he was living in Canada, did he? Perhaps it too should be reevaluated based on the plea agreement.

langmann said...

"agreed to give $250,000 to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation"

No. He should have to give the guy he shot, who can no longer use his arm, the $250,000.

If he makes that kind of amends then I'll agree to sign his petition.

Because I am all for second chances if you have proven yourself. People do make mistakes when they are young and dumb. This guy fought extradition for years and then finally got a token sentence.

Neo Conservative said...

"oxygentax says... "Daddy did something stupid 41 years ago"

how about daddy tried to kill someone... that works for me...

"Pannell was initially charged with three counts of aggravated battery and one count of attempted murder in the shooting of Chicago police officer Terrence Knox, who was left with a partially paralyzed arm."