29 April 2010

Looks like Ignatieff and Graves...

...aren't the only folks trying to spark up "culture wars"...

"It's par for the course for what we have to do in Albany – fighting the forces of evil," Senator Parker said. Parker shockingly identified the "enemies" he's fighting as other senators.

"These long-term, white supremacist, you know, Republican senators," he said.
I'm sure my new friend Shatzie would agree.

Now... call me wacky... but here's the kind of senator I'd be worried about...
A Nigerian senator accused of marrying a 13-year-old Egyptian girl says he has done nothing wrong.

Ahmad Sani Yerima, 49, told the BBC that his fourth wife was not 13, but would not say how old she was.

Mr Sani was the governor of Zamfara state, where he oversaw the introduction of Sharia law - for the first time in a northern state - in 1999.
Nice synchronicity there, Ahmad.


JA Goneaux said...

Ah, what's that line from Mina Loy, via the poet Charles Simic: ""No man whose sex life was satisfactory ever became a moral censor."

Every notice that the same guys who thinks its ok to bang young teenagers are scared to death of seeing a mature woman's face? Whatever is the Muslim world going to do when it evolves enough to have a Muslim Dr. Freud?

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... scared to death of seeing a mature woman's face"

i'm thinking it's all about control.

funny though, how often some folks seem to want to frame this as an islamic woman's choice.

and grown men messing with grade 8 girls? i guess we have a slightly different law over here.