15 January 2019

CNN... News you can...

...sweet baby jebus...insert alt text here

It was a rough day for author and CNN legal analyst Areva Martin on Tuesday. Martin accused Sirius XM radio and Fox Nation host David Webb of “white privilege” during a segment on a radio program before he broke the news.

“Areva, I hate to break it to you, but you should’ve been better prepped. I’m black,” Webb said.

Justin's "post-national" state...

As Canadian as "medicinal bear gall bladders"...insert alt text here

Deputy director of wildlife Cole Winegarden said Li Zhu Liu violated the basic tenets of responsible hunting by shooting game out of season, failing to correctly identify species and abandoning wildlife that were shot.

"Liu has not been deterred by his arrests, seizures, civil forfeiture of personal items or the charges he faces."

The documents detail a litany of hunting offences from 2013 to 2016, including the month-long period in 2014 during which Liu and his companions killed the white-tailed deer and the black bear.
PETA and the RCMP Firearms Czar were apparently unavailable for comment.


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"Police say John Okoro, 23, of Toronto, is wanted for numerous charges including attempted murder and unauthorized possession of a firearm."

14 January 2019

Weird flex, lady

Surrounded by the dead and injured... investigators show up and you're on the muscle?insert alt text here

Multiple transit supervisors expressed concerns about Aissatou Diallo’s suitability as an OC Transpo bus driver after two collisions on the road prior to Friday’s fatal crash at Westboro station, this newspaper has learned.

Diallo was allegedly not cooperative with police on scene and did not want to willingly go with police. They felt she needed to be arrested in order to be properly detained and questioned.
I blame the patriarchy.


UPDATE: Three dead identified


LAST WORD: I think those words you're saying...

...don't mean what you think they mean...
"If you are involved in an accident, we review that. There is refresher training, you are pulled off the road, you have to go out and be reassessed and make sure there are no issues," the city's general manager of transportation, John Manconi said.

"We have a process that is really rigorous. We review what occurred and we want to make sure it doesn't reoccur."
Your CBC... "You say it, we'll print it."

13 January 2019

It's enough to make you...

...believe in karma...insert alt text here

Lingathasan Suntharamoorthy, 36, was gunned down inside his eighth-floor apartment near Kennedy Rd. and Hwy. 401 becoming the city’s fourth murder of 2019 – the fourth slain in six days.

He made headlines in 2005 when he and three other men were charged after a mentally disabled man was brutally beaten to death at a Scarborough diner.

12 January 2019

Scarborough "catch & release" program...

...paying the devil's dividend...

One man was killed, another is fighting for his life and a third walked into hospital with gunshot wounds after three separate overnight shootings in the city.

The man’s death marks Toronto’s fourth homicide of 2019.
Four people murdered in 11 days... and the coppers are closing in...
"Police are looking for three male suspects, all believed to be between the ages of 17 and 25, in connection with the death."
Look at that... they've already narrowed the suspect pool down to "not women."

What else are politically-correct officials and local media hiding under that "cloak of invisibility?"
When you’re the reputed leader of the notorious Heart of a King street gang — also something the jury wasn’t allowed to hear — you can get pretty much anything, even if you’re behind bars.

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Never say Attorney General Caroline Mulroney isn't going after "the real killers"...
The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has said it can levy thousands in fines if applicants who get retail licences do not open their stores on time.

Failing to sell pot by April 30, for example, would result in a $25,000 fine.
Compare and contrast...
Leigh Ming, 34, of Toronto, was convicted of possession of a firearm and received time served — 45 days pre-sentence custody — and a $10 fine.
Note that this is the guy who went on to commmit Toronto's first murder of 2019.

Riding public transit is like...

...sweet baby jebus...

OTTAWA -- Three people were killed and 23 injured when a double-decker city bus struck a transit shelter in Ottawa on Friday afternoon.

The driver of the bus was arrested at the scene. Police Chief Charles Bordeleau wouldn't say why she was detained.
The last time this happened, the driver didn't walk away...
There were 83 people on the OC Transpo bus when it crashed into passenger train No. 51 the morning of Sept. 18, 2013.

UPDATE: Ottawa cops climb down from "arrest"
Ottawa police said they have released the driver of the OC Transpo double-decker bus "unconditionally" after arresting her and bringing her in for questioning following the crash Friday.

11 January 2019

Forget about a wall, it's time...

...to start calling in airstrikes...insert alt text here

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – Mexican authorities found the remnants of a fierce gun battle between rival cartels immediately south of the Texas border near Roma, Texas – an area without any physical barriers and a drug/human smuggling hotbed.

The fighting left 21 dead and five torched vehicles
It gets better... by which I mean worse...
Cartel Jalisco New Generation gunmen kidnapped, castrated and murdered a rival group of men in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.
Cultural relativity at its finest.


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"The country where most requests came from was Mexico, followed by Pakistan, Jordan, the Dominican Republic and Yemen. Middle Eastern nationals had the highest percentage of overall approved petitions."

10 January 2019

Fake news, fake medicine...

...P.T. Barnum was right...insert alt text here

A recent study in The Lancet highlights a disturbing trend – cancer patients using crowdfunding sites to pay for worthless and misleading fake cancer treatments, like homeopathy.

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What's up with Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria?
"She went from ... hating white males to now wanting to become one and wanting to chemically and surgically mutilate her body."

Infamous gangbanger Angus McTartan...

...guns down 18 year-old in idyllic Rexd... wait a minute...insert alt text here

An 18-year-old man has died in hospital after a shooting at Elmhurst Plaza, near Islington Avenue and Elmhurst Drive, at around 9:20 p.m. Wednesday night. Suspect descriptions have not been provided.

UPDATE: Murder victim #3 identified as Aseel Yehyainsert alt text here

09 January 2019

For reasons they refused to explain...

insert alt text here

...federal prosecutors and the RCMP stayed charges against Silver, and Caixuan Qin and Jian Jun Zhu, the Vancouver couple that allegedly ran the operation, alleged underground bankers in Richmond, B.C., estimated to be laundering over $1-billion per year.

Federal prosecutors mistakenly exposed the identity of a police informant who they feared could have been killed if the case proceeded, Global News has learned.
So, correct me if I'm wrong, but the Feds dropped charges against these folks... because they feel they're capable of murdering Crown witnesses? Just spitballin' here, but that seems like a terrible precedent.

And guess what happens with all that loot...
Justice Heather Holmes agreed to issue an order for the return of the cash and safety deposit box items within the 30-day limit.
I've got a question... did these folks make any donations to any political candidates or parties?


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It wouldn’t do to have the jury in his murder trial know Richardson was such a powerful criminal kingpin that he could summon gourmet fare and an iPhone — even in jail.
Accused murderer Christopher Husbands vowed to “punish” his foes for “fucking my life up” two months after he fatally shot two men at the Eaton Centre.

Homicide 2 of 2019

Scarborough, Scarborough... that sounds so familiar...insert alt text here

Police say they are investigating after a man and a woman were found dead on the eighth floor of an apartment building at 544 Birchmount Road, in the city’s Scarborough Junction neighbourhood on Tuesday afternoon.

Officers were called reportedly for a complaint about a person with a knife.

UPDATE: Homicide #2 is murder-suicide...insert alt text here
The victim of Toronto’s second homicide of 2019 has been identified as 30-year-old Lorraine Kerubo Ogoti. Police found 40-year-old Mowlid Hassan lying on the concrete sidewalk outside the building’s entrance after apparently leaping from an eighth-floor balcony.

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How did boring, white-bread Scarberia become Scarlem — a mess of street gangs, firebombings and stabbings? It is the youngest suburb, rapidly growing, and the city’s—as well as one of the country’s—most forceful exercise in multiculturalism (54 per cent of its residents are foreign-born, compared to the Canadian average of 19 per cent).

The spectre of ethnic gangs, of sectarian tension, floats through it. Among the dozens of tribes in Scarborough are gangs that accommodate Afghans, Tamils, Chinese and West Indians.

In the ephemeral world of Scar­borough gangs, there is violence within ethnic groups and between ethnic groups. There is a lot of violence between gangs, most of it unreported home invasions where guns or drugs are stolen (or re-stolen).
So says "Toronto Life" magazine.

08 January 2019

Silence of the BLMs

In what alternate universe would "identity politics" trump your need to see THE ACTUAL KILLER of your 7 year-old child apprehended...insert alt text here

Jazmine Barnes’ family had described the gunman in the Dec. 30 slaying as a white man driving a red pickup, stirring fears among community activists that race played a role in the attack.
Of course, like Toronto's infamous "Hijab Girl Hoax", it was nothing of the kind.

Meanwhile, a little closer to home... Beaches area shooters identified...
The accused are Rodrigues Sendia, 20, and Ajmain Rahman, 21, both of Toronto.
Just another couple "irregular" firearms enthusiasts.


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While Toronto Community Housing Corp’s 110,000 tenants make up just 4% of the city’s population, last year, the social housing provider’s properties were the scene of more than one-third of Toronto’s shootings and homicides.

07 January 2019

Hang on... isn't this the land...

...where children are free to surgically mutilate their genitals...insert alt text here

In a recently filed legal brief, Troller explained that he drove around with the plate for nearly two years and no one complained. He renewed it with MPI in 2016 without issue. Plates are denied for a variety of reasons, including if they are offensive, suggestive, discriminatory or include racial or ethnic slang.
That oughta teach those damn Nazi Trekkies!


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The anglicized Punjabi phrases spell out colloquial words for "opium", "shot of liquor", and the F-word. Kanwal says he has also seen words for male genitalia, and one that could be interpreted as, "I want to have sex with your sister."
Special rules for special people.

06 January 2019

That took all of six days...

Toronto... first murder of 2019...insert alt text here

Toronto police are investigating the city’s first homicide of the year after a man was stabbed and killed early Sunday morning in in Scarborough’s Kennedy Park neighbourhood.

UPDATE: Winning Lotto 666insert alt text here
Police responded to a call for a stabbing at a Toronto Community Housing Corp. building at 40 Gordonridge Place near Danforth Road and Midland Avenue. “The information were getting is that the building and that particular floor had heavy drug activity.” Another man was stabbed to death in the same building in April of last year and was the city’s 17th homicide of 2018.

UPDATE2: Cops bag suspected killer...

...not his first rodeo...insert alt text here
In January 2014, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit an indictable offence (an armoured truck robbery) and received a suspended sentence, 18 months probation on top of time served.

He also has convictions for assaulting his girlfriend and then breaching conditions to stay away from her.

Two years ago, he was convicted of possession of a firearm and received time served — 45 days pre-sentence custody — and a $10 fine. A social media posting for Ming lists him as a “marketing co-ordinator.”

Just a couple more...

...inner-city "irregular" firearms enthusiasts...insert alt text here

Toronto police have made several arrests in connection with an incident last month that involved a group of men allegedly opening fire on two victims, striking and then driving over one of them with a vehicle.

Filmon Fesshaghirgis, 20, and Janai Alexander, 22, both of Toronto, have been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and possession of a prohibited device, among other offences.

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Toronto police say three people were injured after three separate stabbings in the city early Saturday.

05 January 2019

Paying the price...

...for Justin's "post national" state...insert alt text here

If you had to go to a hospital emergency room through the holidays, chances are you had a long wait to see a doctor.

Shellann Wallace saw that first-hand when she took her 18-year-old daughter, born with a heart condition and having chest pains, to Humber River Hospital on the Friday evening before Christmas.

I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I thought we were in a third-world country.”
Actually, you're in a third world country, you'd know it...
Witch doctors claim albino body parts can help cure health problems, bring the consumer good luck, and help politicians win elections. Traditional healers will often pay high prices for albino body parts to use in allegedly curing potions and spiritual rituals.

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The last time I went to the Emergency Room... I spent seven and a half hours sitting on my ass with a sick, fevered child.

04 January 2019

Notorious Toronto sex-trafficker...

...Angus McTartan arrested... wait a minute...insert alt text here

Joshua Hamblett, 23, and Sashauna Wilkins, 23, both of Brampton, were arrested on Dec. 1 and charged with 12 combined offences. The third suspect, Keagan Prophete, was then arrested following the execution of a search warrant on Dec. 18.
What is it about Brampton?insert alt text here
A Brampton man, Kristan Peter Miller, 26, is facing more than a dozen charges after he allegedly forced a 17-year-old girl into the sex trade and then used “intimidation, fear” and a firearm to ensure her compliance, police say.

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A man is fighting for his life after a shootout near Greenwood Avenue and Gerrard Street East after being shot in the head. Police found bullet holes in at least four other cars in the area. One man said his roommates car had seven bullet holes in it. So far, police have not released a description of a suspect or suspects.
The invisible man gets around...
The shooting victim was located at Shallice Court and Durness Avenue with a gunshot wound to the torso and was taken to a trauma centre with serious, possibly life-threatening injuries.

There is no suspect information at this point.

UPDATE: The usual suspects

And Winston Churchill wept

Witnessing the end...insert alt text here

The British Army’s new 2019 recruitment campaign is targeting snowflake millennials, binge gamers, and selfie addicts.

03 January 2019

Obviously barkin' mad

Perhaps the ATF needs to be doing more background checks in Hollywood...insert alt text hereWonder how she feels about the dude who sexually assaulted Monica Lewinsky with a cigar. Does he deserve to be raped and murdered too?


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Professor Caroline Dadas did not respond to The Fix’s queries seeking to learn about Montclair State University's 200-level course teaching the “non-human perspectives on queer.”
I look forward to hearing about barnyard "consent issues."

02 January 2019

From my cold...

...nicotine-stained hands...

Clearly smoking is, BY FAR, the more serious public health issue and requires an immediate response from the federal and various state governments. For a start, licensing of all users, mandatory tobacco safes in each user's home and vehicle, additional licensing of all users who choose to carry tobacco products outside the home.

Think of it as an offering to...

...the angry, insatiable Gawds of Diversity...insert alt text here

"Torching cars has become a New Year’s tradition in France."

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NEW DELHI – Hindu hardliners vandalized shops, shut businesses and clashed with police in a southern state Thursday to protest the entry of two women in one of India's largest Hindu pilgrimage sites, police said.

Alejandro Aparicio Santiago had just been sworn in as mayor in a dust-speck of a town in southern Mexico when he was gunned down. Between September 2017 and August 2018, 175 Mexican politicians were murdered, according to the New York Post.
Build that wall... quickly.

01 January 2019

The Slaughter by the Water

Next time you see a thug with a gun... try calling a social worker...insert alt text here

Toronto appears to have hit another record in a year of increased violence. According to police data, the city has recorded 424 shootings in 2018, as of Monday, surpassing the previous high, set in 2016, of 407.
To think we can arrest our way out of this is a falsehood,” said some guy who claims to be chief of police.

Apparently Toronto's "more basketball courts" initiative isn't the answer. Suggestions, anyone?


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"You paid $500 for an inert rocket launcher? Those are $35 at any army surplus store. I’ll load up my truck and head to BLT. Have cash ready!"