29 April 2010

Here's a thought

Instead of providing the easiest possible way for irresponsible, self-involved crack whores & their ilk to dispose of unwanted babies... how about we just pay them up front not to have them at all?

Dr. Geoffrey Cundiff, head of the hospital's obstetrics and gynecology department, said he wanted a way for troubled mothers to leave their babies safely and anonymously at the hospital instead of abandoning them on the street.
Now, I can appreciate where Dr. Cundiff is coming from... but let's face it... this is a finger in the dyke... and, more to the point... doesn't stop anyone from doing this over & over again.

And hey... I love the use of the word "troubled." Call me a knuckle-draggin' neocon, but if you're dumping newborns on the street... you're not troubled, you're a stone sociopath.

So... two words... tubal ligation.

How about a tax-free five thousand dollar payout, no questions asked, to anyone who chooses to go this route? It's certainly a more permanent solution to this horrific problem... and compared to trying to save, take care of & place all those unwanted newborns... a simpler, more sensible way to go.

Or, I guess you can just throw in with Hillary & Iggy & Jack Layton... and start building abortion clinics all over the place.

I just think my way is better.


Anonymous said...

I think the leftards have it all wrong pushing abortion. I'm all for pushing sterilization when it is warranted. Yeh, I know this ain't a popular option. (real conservative)

Honey Pot said...

I think what the doctor is trying to do, is very kind and compassionate. I think the number quoted was they found 7 abandoned babies in Vancouver over the last ten years.

I don't know what goes on in people's minds, or how they could abandon or kill a new born, but it happens.

I am glad there is someone out there that would care enough to at least offer an alternative.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... I'm all for pushing sterilization"

then you're way out ahead of anything i'm suggesting. but that's typical for you rc, isn't it? you always seem to be pushing your comments over the edge. why exactly is that?

the fact is... vancouver is the crack whore capitol of north america.

i imagine the actual problem here is not babies dumped on street corners, but babies born into misery... living in shithole welfare situations or being taken into foster care and never having a real family. or babies being aborted.

if any of that can be avoided by giving a one-time payment to any of these woman who are, in fact, not interested or capale of providing proper care for children... i say let's put it out there.


langmann said...

Sure pay them to have IUD's inserted so they cannot get pregnant. That might help.

It's ironic that you need to register guns and god forbid a law abiding citizen carry one on his person. But any idiot can have a kid and completely ruin its life.

The classic test case in Canada occured in manitoba when a pregnant drug abusing woman was incarcerated by her physician together with Child Family Servives and forced to take a mandatory drug program on the basis of protection of a fetus and future child the mother intended on keeping. She had previously had two other children who were mentally disabled due to her drug use.

The Supreme Court later held that her rights to annihilate her body superceded the rights of a fetus she intented on bearing to term.

Ironically she got better during the incarceration and the child was born healthy.

They have no problems with stepping all over the rights of law abiding citizens on the basis that the extremely rare homicide might occur, but dare not step on the rights of drug abusing pregnant women to completely ruin the life of their progeny.

Lynn said...

This one is kind of personal for me,as I had a woman work for me last year that was born addicted to cocaine and crack,to a 17 year old crack addict Mother. She spent her first month of life convulsing in an IC unit until she was recovered enough to adopt out.

She was intelligent,hard working, and had her third year apprenticeship completed,in a good and skilled trade. She was sober for about three months when I knew her.

All it took was one weekend,after payday,when an old friend from the addict days dropped by for old times sake,and she never showed up for work on Monday morning,and I never saw her again.

She phoned a couple of months later, almost incoherent, living the life in Whistler, sleeping anywhere she could find,or in the streets.

My doctor said children born in those circumstances have a really difficult time,and a high percentage do end up with addictions.

The idea of sterilization was my knee-jerk reaction,too, but I suppose we ALL have the feeling,"what if she DOES turn her life around and wants to have kids,and we've taken that away from her"?

Drugs have wasted the lives and potential of so many young people I've seen and known,thankfully, none of my own.

Maybe the idea should be to execute the dealers and especially the importers,so this fucking tragedy ends eventually.

Right now, under our current system of justice, there seems to be no hope,and while projects like Larry Campbell's shooting galleries seems to salve the conscience of the Liberal mind set, it doesn't seem to be doing much good.

Maybe it's time to try a less kindly approach.


Neo Conservative said...

"lynn says... what if she DOES turn her life around and wants to have kids"

what if she doesn't? how fair is that to her half dozen abused, adopted out kids?

i know some folks who adopted a junkie stripper's baby. huge emotional & social deficits. couldn't be in a classroom without an educational aide (aka bouncer) standing over him.

and hey... make this totally voluntary... they get to choose... family or meth.