26 April 2010

When Sociopaths Collide

"Is she really goin' out with him...'cos if my eyes don't deceive me... there's somethin' goin' on around here..."

In return for supplying oil, which Zimbabwe desperately needs to keep its faltering economy moving, Iran has been promised access to potentially huge deposits of uranium ore – which can be converted into the basic fuel for nuclear power or enriched to make a nuclear bomb.


langmann said...

I can see the mushroom cloud over Tehran from my house.

(Just has to be said again)

jwkozak91 said...

I read an article (I think in Salon.com) about the history of the Jewish community of Harare - it started as an extension of the community in South Africa.

If there are any Jews left in Zimbabwe - after the chaos of the last 15 years - they should leave, for their own safety. Now.

Neo Conservative said...

anybody, regardless of race or religion, who possesses half an ounce of sense... should flee either of these two insane asylums before it's too late.