29 April 2010

Colvin testimony takes more hits

Mr. Buchan took over Mr. Colvin’s job as a Foreign Affairs political director in Kandahar in 2006 and received Mr. Colvin’s handover notes outlining issues he had been working on.

“There was no reference to the detainee issue whatsoever,” Mr. Buchan said in testimony before the special House of Commons committee on Afghanistan.

That view was supported by another committee witness who was also in Kandahar during that period. Major General Timothy Grant, who is now retired, said the first credible reports of abuse came from The Globe.

“I am puzzled by Mr. Colvin’s comments,” Mr. Grant told MPs.

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Honey Pot said...

Harper played them all like a fiddle, hahahahahahaha.

They get to look a them, but then they got to shut up and not speak of them again.

If the left get caught giving the information to one of their operatives at the cbc they will be getting their asses kicked to the curb. They have to prove the wild accusations in the Colvin report that suggests our soldiers are war criminals before they can speak of them.

Not that the left aren't going to try, but it will be last traitorous act on the taxpayer's dime.

Neo Conservative said...

like poor little omar khadr... not an issue that resonates with the man on the street.

afghans have, for centuries, been renowned for their ability to change sides at the drop of a hat... and their savagery.

just ask rudyard kipling.

maybe, instead of all these partisan skirmishes.... iggy should try to come up with some actual policy beyond "canadian war criminals" and "eat pei potatoes."