20 April 2010

Gotta confess, if I wasn't an atheist...

...I'd wanna make sure I was on the winning team... the gold standard.

I'm not proud of it, folks... but I'd be shoppin' around for the Chuck Norris of religions...
-- BRAMPTON, Ontario, April 19 (UPI) -- A fistfight among some 70 Sikhs in a temple west of Toronto escalated into a brawl involving hammers and machetes, police said.
Whoa... pounding & cutting tools... nobody can accuse these guys these guys of taking their belief system lightly.

And, trust me, these devotees ain't no "one trick pony".
The incident comes only two weeks after well-known Sikh lawyer Manjit Mangat was stabbed with a kirpan at the Sikh Lehar Centre on Bramsteele Road in Brampton.
Yup... Sikhism is the gig for me.

Buddhists might get the chicks... but Sikhs kick serious ass.


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Apparently, these days, it encompasses the phrase... "machetes, small axes and hammers."

Call me old-fashioned... but back in the day, we would have called this "a bloody riot." Heck, ol' troglodyte me... I remember when stabbing someone with an edged weapon was called "attempted murder."

Professional journalists... our moral & intellectual superiors.