09 November 2007

Meet Rompin' Ronnie Smith...

The multiple murderer and death row dumbass... that Steffi and the Liberals want to bring back to Canada.
"The whole idea in Canada has been to try and rehabilitate prisoners if possible," Smith said in a prison meeting room.

"Why shouldn't I have the opportunity, just because I came down to the United States and killed somebody?"

"I was kind of dumbstruck," Smith said. "I mean, you go from one day - 'Oh yeah, we're supporting clemency, we're going to try to get you home' - to 'You're on your own, dude.'"

"What the hell's going on?"
Geez, Ronnie... funny you should mention hell.


"everyone in the country, apart from the rednecks at the blogging tories, have been shocked at harper's govt's decision to abandon clemency appeals on behalf of expat canadians."

Posted by Jeff Davidson to halls of macadamia at 10:11 PM, November 09, 2007
Well, Jeffy... not according to tonights poll at Global National.

Is that what your adoring public is is telling you?

I kinda' doubt it.

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