12 November 2009

I'm with Scott... I think Chief Bill Blair...

...deserves an Oscar...

I would like to put Project Safe City into the context of Fire Services and ask you to compare the analogy.

What if I directed my firefighters to smash in the door of a residence in Pelham and confiscate all the matches, lighters, candles and the four liters of gasoline kept for the lawn mower, then displayed these items on a table for maximum effect, and called a press conference at which I explained that the community was safer because we had removed items that could be used to start fires?

I could argue that criminals could have broken into this house and stolen the items, then used them to start a conflagration. The gasoline could have been turned into Molotov cocktails and used for heinous purposes.

If I created this scenario I would be accused of grandstanding and rightly so.
Here's a thought... just try imagining how things would be different if the two billion dollars the Liberals wasted on the "Farmer Bob rifle Registry"... had gone into front line policing.