30 April 2010

Dear Globe & Mail

Thanks for the detail, boys.

Say... did it occur to any of you "professional journalists" that poor little Omar didn't get any of those injuries playing b-ball at the local rec centre?

Mr. Khadr, who is blind in one eye and has shrapnel shards in both, kept his face covered and his head down as a 27-minute video was played, showing him as a grinning, 15-year-old building detonators in a carpeted room while al-Qaeda trainers exulted: "God willing we will get a good number of Americans."
Somebody explain this to me.

Why would we want this treasonous little fuck... or any of his surviving jihadi family for that matter... back in our country anyway?
Oh, that's right... most of us don't.


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Thank you, Hanoi Jane.


"The Khadrs were mercenaries. What do left-wing governments do to mercenaries?"


maryT said...

Why are his injuries just coming out now, and not years ago. Playing for sympathy is my guess.
However the coalition of the opposition think he is just a poor little boy who took a wrong turn somewhere. Blame our former PM, Chretain went to personally plead for the release of his father. If he hadn't done that, Omar would never have gone over to the dark side. This whole Khdar think is the liberals fault.

L said...

Thanks PM Jean Chr├ętien.

langmann said...

Its a credit to the leadership and training in the USMC (that the lefties hate so much), that Khadr didn't get a bullet in the head for what he did.

Part of the reason during a war, that enemy combatants are imprisoned for the duration is to prevent soldiers on your own side from doing battlefield executions. If soldiers start seeing the same guys show back up, you can count on that happening.

Khadr was 15 when he did this. This doesn't make him a child soldier by international agreement. Moreover the evidence is pretty clear that Khadr was a willing participant for the side of the Taliban - the folks who helped kill Canadians on 9/11 in case some people forgot. Finally by Afstan standards Khadr was essentially an adult. I'm pretty confident when he was making bombs he didn't think he was playing with marbles.

I am kind of annoyed it took so long to run his trial. After they are done with him, he should be brought back here and tried for treason and terrorism.

The only pity I feel for him is that his parents essentially brainwashed him from birth to be a warrior for their religion. Which is fine if they had done that in Afstan, but the fact they had the gall to come here and live on our dole and do it is really annoying.

And lets not forget Chretien's culpability.

Anonymous said...

ctv is really on this 'poor Omie pity-party!' Just now,the G&M "reporter" tells us Omie boycotting trial again today beacause a 'waistband search was humiliating'..and we hear how he had a flare up of this painful eye thang! According to news from Lisa (of bring home Brenda Martin fame)La Phlegm yesterday,Omar got whisked away for medical treatment asap for his sore eyes...and I'm supposed to care ..WHAT ABOUT THE POOR MARINE THAT OMAR KILLED LISA? WHY CAN'T YOU EVEN MENTION HIS NAME,OR THAT HE HAD KIDS? Sick.

Honey Pot said...

The liberals have lots of blood on their hands, thanks to Chretien and the Kadr's . That has to be made known publicly, but you are never going to see that in the mainstream media.

It is bad enough we are forced to keep that old bitch of a terrorist mother, to have to keep a known terrorist, is not going to set well with Canadians.

They let that terrorist back into Canada, it will send a message to the barbaric death cult of islam, they have won.

The bastard of allah is demanding all these conditions before he is able to show up in court. I am just glad he is in an American court instead of a Canadian one or he'd be out on the streets recruiting for the terrorist with the help of the liberal party by now.

Anonymous said...

Picture this scenario:

A white-trash father in a stereotypical trailer park in the Deep American South nourishes his son on neo-nazi ideology. He then takes the boy to Africa and tries to overthrow a dictator there. Father is killed, son is captured.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how strongly to you think a typical Khadr defenders would care? My take: about -50...

The Khadrs were mercenaries. What do left-wing governments do to mercenaries:



Neo Conservative said...

how about a little islamic-type justice for sergeant first class christopher speer?


Lynn said...

"Mr. Khadr, who is blind in one eye and has shrapnel shards in both,"

I suppose we're expected to feel sympathetic for the poor fellow!

Another side to Little Omar's repatriation to Canada,is that there will have to be special arrangements for security made to protect the little dear, in case some maladjusted Canadian tries to harm the little sonofabitch.

There's what,130 Canadian families minus a son or daughter due to the efforts of Omar Khadr and his fellows?

Better send the OPP and RCMP around to the house of every family that's suffered a loss in Afghanistan to make sure none harbours feelings of resentment.

Better take away any guns they own too, just in case.


Neo Conservative said...

"lynn says... protect the little dear"

wonder if we'll still be paying for bodyguards if poor little omar wins his 10 million dollar lawsuit against the federal government?


maryT said...

We can't forget that OBL was a guest at Omar's sister wedding. And we can't forget that his mother stated on tv she allowed him to return to be a terrorist, cause if he stayed in Canada he might become a homosexual.