07 April 2010

Bright lights, big city...

...nothin' like a fair fight...
-- TORONTO -- Murder victim George “Jerzy” Rucinski appears to have suffered a great deal at the hands of his killer or killers.

And then the one-legged man’s body was dumped in a west Toronto laneway.
Hey, c'mon... it's not like he was blind or anything.


"Make sure you tell Neo it is an awefull(sic) event and that you’re sure it is the fault of the Liberals or Socialist(sic)."
Well, Zorph... at least this time, you're not using a false trolling id... or shittin' on gays...

"It's a little past ironic that compassionate, intellectual, progressive Zorpheus considers... "whining, spineless nancyboys"... to be the ultimate insult he can throw at us knuckle-draggin' neocons."
Once again, the Friends of Canadian Cynic, trot out the venerable "you're a big poopyhead" defense.

P.S. -- It's spelled Aryan, Gomer... not "Aryon".