11 April 2010

And Dilbert Wept

And that's why we call him McSlippery.
-- TORONTO -- The government (meaning, you the taxpayer) will pay solar producers around 80 cents a kilowatt hour for the power they sell back to the grid. That’s about 15 times more than the current spot price that consumers now pay for power.
And, watch out folks... the Liberals are just getting warmed up...
This week, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced $8-billion more in green investments, on top of the $7-billion he announced a short while ago. He’s determined to outspend B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell, who also wants to be the king of green.
Hey... it's just money, right?

Wait a minute... 15 billion dollars... isn't Ontario in a little bit of a financial jam right now?

I mean, that's why Dalton's putting government assets on the block, right?
The Liberals won’t put the proceeds directly toward deficit reduction, an idea they evidently believe would do them more political harm than good. As Mr. McGuinty put it, he doesn’t want to do something that would smack of “burning the furniture to stay warm.”
I don't get it.