08 April 2010

Professional Journalists...

...our moral & intellectual superiors.

So anyway... I'm looking over some recent posts and what pops up? WTF... that can't be right, can it?So Tom... lemme get this straight... you're what, challenging me to a duel?

And if I don't drop what I'm doing and make a 6 hour round trip to the Center of the Universe to pick up the gauntlet, I'm not... in your opinion as a professional journalist... a real man?


I've gotta ask, Tom... is this your brainwave... or is there some overly enthusiastic rookie editor from Sun Media workin' on that bottle of tequila with you?

Here's a thought... you could always try insulting & baiting someone local... like say, Kathy Shaidle... but Tom, I'm tellin' you... you get her angry, she'll pull your head off and crap in the hole.

The upside for the paper would be that Kathy could then take over your job... bringing her sizeable blog readership to the Sun.

And hey, you'll have to forgive me... I obviously haven't been following your writing as closely as you've been following mine. Truth be told... I've never even heard of you before now. Still, it does answer the question of the lengthy daily visits from Sun Media I noticed on my sitemeter of late.

Anyway, Tom... thanks for taking an interest here. I sure hope you have better luck drumming up an audience over at Liblogs.


FROM THE COMMENTS: An update from Natasha...

"That "Tom Brodbeck" is a phony. He was pissing around my site too."
Ah... that would explain a few things.

It seems our progressive, intellectual friends from the leftosphere are up to their old tricks... forging comments on the net.

Perhaps Tom has a subject for his next column.


Honey Pot said...

That can't be for real. If it is, invite him to your hood and kick the words out of him.

It must be depressing for them, you know, with the new media taking over their turf.

You should pity him having to work for Das Reich and having his every word censored by leftards.

Neo Conservative said...

i think i'll leave the machismo posturing to the "professional" journalists.

perhaps, given his career choice, tom should be using a little less testicle and a lot more brain.


mahmood said...

Tommy(fingers in high gear, brain in low)shouts...

"Apparently some people don't understand the law."

Oh dear, where does the debate begin and end with this guy?...maybe Tommy troll the Jeopardy site and see if you can buy a Clue...sheeesh, I don't know what is about you neo but you sure can reel in the live ones.

Neo Conservative said...

"mahmood says... you sure can reel in the live ones."

too true.

you remember "jungle jeff" davidson?

methinks some of these geniuses need to start thinking with the "big head".


natasha said...

That "Tom Brodbeck" is a phony. He was pissing around my site too: http://mooseandsquirrel.ca/2010/03/29/08:45/the-guy-earle-human-rights-inquisition-begins-today/#comment-4379 (I think he's making the rounds -- he was at Bulletproofcourier's site too.)

The only one with no balls is this imposter hiding his real identity. He cut and pasted the "Can We Say Anything We Want" info from the real Tom Brodbeck's own blog post. That's according to the journalist himself who I contacted.

Neo Conservative said...

"natasha says... That "Tom Brodbeck" is a phony."

that would make sense... this "challenge" was so off the wall... it just had to be some dishonest little wanker like "liberal supporter".

'cos that's just how these lunatic leftbots roll.


Frank Hilliard said...

Is that logo a thinly disguised penis and scrotum? Just askin'.

Neo Conservative said...

thinly disguised, frank?

i confess i may have tweaked that a little.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Neo Conservative said...

sorry, libby... that pretending to be a foreigner thing... we already talked about that.

-- deleted, yet again --