14 April 2010

People love a story...

...with big breasts...

The network said the information involved the potential for blackmail and “the alleged purchase and use of drugs.”

CTV did not say who could have been involved in the blackmail or who was involved in the drug allegations.
Yeah, of course... we wouldn't want to let actual facts get in the way of a good story, huh? It's not like someone's entire future is hanging in the... wait a minute...

As to the Loyal Opposition's shrill cries... that Stephen Harper somehow twisted the Ontario Liberal Solicitor-General's arm to get Jaffer a deal... well, funny story.... it turns out that the actual "fly in the ointment" was a little over-zealous policing...
While Jaffer was doing a breathalyser test, one of the Calgary lawyers called back several times but was told the test was underway and he would have to wait to talk to Jaffer.

That delay, and the fact that the OPP later conducted a strip search of Jaffer — an act that a legal expert consulted by the CBC said would not have been justified given the nature of the charges — prompted the Crown to conclude there was no chance of a conviction.
Funny though... how some stories just seem to fade away.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the story you link to is still in the news in Nova Scotia. Can't say I'm surprised it's not front page national news a month later.

You know what is front page news though? Jaffer beating a drug rap due to a technicality. Interesting too that it's alleged Mr. Jaffer was using our tax dollars to shuffle around town in a public vehicle to sell drugs.

Yeah, nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

If this were a Liberal MP, the conservative shit hawks would be circling endlessly. But hey, Harper's crew is above reproach to the braying asses around here.

Blame Crash said...

Just another example of lying media scum-baggery. It’s the new normal!

Is it any wonder these leftist deadbeats want the government to nationalize them. They see all the useless slugs with the government broadcasters just lazily sitting around lollygagging all day. Drawing a bigger cheque then themselves for doing nothing more than regurgitating Marxist propaganda and engaging in character assassination of anyone who dares to not want to be enslaved by the government.

The media have just given up.

Blame Crash said...

That's not to say they can't still have an effect on some of the more easily lead minds.

Mr. Numbskull Anonymous is a perfect example of that.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll says... Mr. Jaffer was using our tax dollars to shuffle around town in a public vehicle to sell drugs."

lemme see... the prime minister didn't say that... not did iggy or jacko.

even the moonbats at ctv... for all their innuendo... didn't say that.

but hey... you've got the scoop, huh?

hey... where's all the screamin' coverage of yet another liberal corruption scandal in quebec? buried somewhere on page 29?

yup... you dumb bunnies just make my point for me.


Bert said...
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Bert said...

Yeah, Anon9:14, except right now, it's a Conservative MP, and the Liberal shit hawks are circling like the vultures they are.

wilson said...

Iffy looks more like a 'talk show host' in waiting than PM.

Alberta Girl said...

"You know what is front page news though? Jaffer beating a drug rap due to a technicality. Interesting too that it's alleged Mr. Jaffer was using our tax dollars to shuffle around town in a public vehicle to sell drugs.

Hey nony....a little bit of libel in your comment....you do know that it is easy to trace WHO you are and I would suggest that you are being added to the loooonng list of those on the suit list.

Unless you have proof that is......

Neo Conservative said...

"wilson says... Iffy looks more like a 'talk show host' in waiting than PM."

yeah... the jerry springer of canadian politics...

“Nothing is personal in politics, because politics is theatre,” he said once. “It is part of the job to pretend to have emotions that you do not actually feel.” -- Michael Ignatieff, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada


langmann said...

Point is, nonny, Jaffer was a member of the CPC a long time ago. People found out his true nature and turned on him.

If he was a liberal, he'd be the leader.

Bec said...

"If he was a liberal, he'd be the leader."

Comment of the day and so sad but true.

Neo Conservative said...

this is just so tedious... i can't wait for iggy & company to get back to saving omar khadr... or this poor guy.


langmann said...

Yeah, neo they'll get back to that sort of stuff after the Jibber Jaffer boils down to nothing like it probably is.

Instead of thinking about real issues like the huge deficit and debt we're racking up on our children (Ignatieff recently decided at the Thinkers Conference that the way around that was increasing the debt even more by spending even more money we don't have on frills).

Then perhaps when they're done standing up for criminals, they'll move onto pouncing on Stephen Harper for wearing a bow tie at a semi-formal event. This will happen as a distraction against any reform of the unelected crony senate.

There'll be a whole wackload of issues really important to Canadians, such as a CPC MP who accidently ran over a dog, or someone throwing trash out the window, and then Stephen Harper will accidently poke Barack Obama in they eye with a fork at a future dinner.

All these things will invoke the masses of Ottawa pundits to write daily articles about the same thing over and over again.

Meanwhile 50,000 people will rally in Quebec against higher taxes and government wast and no-one will listen. Canada's borrowing rate will be downgraded to "not so reliable" status. More evidence of liberal theft of public money will come out and be forgotten the next day. Natives will continue to face appalling conditions. Canadian soldiers will die while doing good work in some new godforsaken hole like Haiti and the newspapers and TV pundits will go peep peep. Teenagers in Toronto will continue to shoot each other or stab each other.

And so on.

So at the end of the day, don't be angry, just be bitter.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... 50,000 people will rally in Quebec"

well, my friend... you're preaching to the choir.