28 February 2009

Self-celebrated Liberal party operative...

...entering final phase of "Operation Bigger Dick Than You"...
"Finally, as far as the LPC goes, if I(sic) asked for my advice - and I am all the time - I will say that CIC has utterly marginalized itself."
From your lips to Iggy's ear... you obnoxious bully. 

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Meanwhile, apparently the crew on the now ditched Israel junket included Dr. Dawg, Jason Cherniak, Kate McMillan, Kathy Shaidle and Terry Glavin.
Obviously the CIC was planning a new “reality” show. The video would have been priceless.
Kate: Jeez Louise, that rocket nearly hit the bus.
Dawg: Fluke, it was homemade, no bigger than a firecracker.
Jason: Rockets fall from heaven upon the wicked.
Kathy: Turn the bus around.
Terry: My pal Amir said they’d land one a couple of hundred meters short for a photo-op.
Dawg: You know Amir!
LAST WORD:   Special K's a lawyer? Seriously?
"I'm trying to figure out which thought is making me smile more: the total self-destruction of Kinsella's case in his nuisance suit against me, or the prospect that he will remain as Michael Ignatieff's war room boss, with his increasingly bizarre, emotional judgment calls."
Apparently, there's also a little more dick-waving going on tonight...
"Oh, and when I told folks what I'm doing with a certain Conservative cabinet minister - details of which to be revealed tomorrow - the news practically got a Standing O!"