18 February 2009

"Not my problem", says McSlippery

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty says he won’t call a public inquiry into an aboriginal land dispute in Caledonia, Ont., that’s dragged on for nearly three years.

McGuinty says it’s a matter of federal jurisdiction, but the province will try to keep the two sides together to help settle the dispute.
After all of his shameful sucking up to the cultural grievance industry and his string of handsomely rewarded, but totally ineffective Liberal "troubleshooters"... it's no wonder McGuinty is looking to kick dirt over this stinking corpse.

Looks like it's up to the Conservatives to shine a light on this disgraceful matter.
The Opposition is tabling a private member’s bill today calling for a public inquiry into the occupation, which began Feb. 28, 2006, and its impact on the southern Ontario community.
Say Dalton... what are you gonna do about Caledonia Part II... or III, or IV...

Look out Ontario... 'cos this ain't over.


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Funny how some things just get lost in the shuffle.