22 February 2009

In these tough economic times...

We have to be prepared to make some sacrifices...
Even before the economic crash last fall, government figures show the CBC had already rung up another $59 million in red ink for the year ending Aug. 31, 2008 -- on top of its usual handout that was 8% higher last year than 2007.
Stephen Taylor has the inside scoop.
"Is the CBC trimming the fat, or do they need some central planning from the government to help them do so? Months ago, it was reported that the executive VP for French-services expensed over $80,000 for travel, meals, and theatre tickets."

"If any of this is making you sick, the next fact won’t make you feel any better. The CBC lost $15 million in 2006-2007 paying for 68,000 sick days for its employees."
Time to get out that big axe.


"How the Hell can the CBC "lose" money. They don't make any. They just spend all the money they are "given".

I guess what they are trying to say without saying it is that they overspent their budget by $59,000,000.00."