18 February 2009

The 15 minute man

Leave it to the Mother Corp. to showcase Michael Ignatieff claiming that he can set things right in Afghanistan... simply by whispering sweet nothings in President McDreamy's perfect cockleshell ear.

And you've just gotta wonder what nonsense the Igster would have had on his "wish list"... if the infamous Coalition of the Swilling hadn't died a horrible ignoble death. Can't you just hear Taliban Jack demanding that Omar Khadr replace Hamid Karzai?

What Ignatieff doesn't choose to admit here is that his 15 minutes is simply a diplomatic courtesy, political theatre if you will... extended to a man who doesn't have a car... never mind a passing acquaintance with the driver's seat.

The reality here is... I've spent more time than this... just takin' a crap.

But hey, pal... it's more than enough time for you and "The One" to go over your resume.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Oh, my gawd...

...he doesn't just LOOK like a smarmy Vulcan... he talks like one too!
“Nothing is personal in politics, because politics is theater. It is part of the job to pretend to have emotions that you do not actually feel.”
Hey Liblogs... where is your god now?

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