12 February 2009

So, apparently... cultural relativism...

...DOES trump basic human decency... at the University of Guelph, anyway...
Traversy and Geller aren't giving up. They have $4,000 collected and are determined to make sure it somehow goes to mark and celebrate the life of Aqsa Parvez. "Maybe we will do something for her in Israel," Geller said.
"Although, it would be a shame there is not some sort of memorial for this girl in Canada, the country in which she lived."
And the country where she was allegedly murdered for wanting to be Canadian.
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"Mohammad, buddy, here's what you and your friends seem to be missing... this is not some primitive village in the tribal hinterlands of Pakistan." "This is Canada. We don't even execute people like Clifford Olsen, or Paul Bernardo... never mind defiant teenage girls."
"Write to the president of the University of Guelph to protest this decision by the Arboretum of the Univ. of Guelph."
Better yet... you could email Chancellor Pamela Wallin