17 February 2009

Finally, someone has the smarts...

...and more to the point... the stones... to stop funding the revolution.  

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"A group that gets government funding insults members of the government that funds it. The government turns around and threatens to slash their funding because the group said something mean about the government."

"Then the same group and groups like them, meanwhile, use another government agency -- the Human Rights Commission -- to take others to court for saying mean things about them."

"And this name-calling & "I'm gonna beat you up after school" circle jerk is funded by your hard earned tax dollars in the middle of an economic meltdown."
As usual, Kathy manages to distill the whole thing into two short sentences...
"Canada shouldn't have 'communities'."

"It should have Canadians."
LAST WORD: Enough is enough
Last year, the National Post editorial board hosted Mouammar and a CAF colleague for an editorial board meeting. To our collective shock, they laid blame for virtually every problem the world faces on Israel — including the alienation of Arab-Canadian children in Canada's public school system.