28 February 2009

Getting tough on crime

-- "Do you support the Conservative government's legislation to toughen anti-gang laws?" --
And somewhere... an angel weeps.


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Toronto police are investigating an overnight shooting near Kennedy Road and Lawrence Avenue East that has claimed the life of a man in his 20s.

Sgt. Jason Shankaran told ctvtoronto.ca that he could confirm that two people were shot around 3 a.m. on Saturday, but had no further details that he could release.

LAST WORD: Two more body bags
-- AJAX -- By late morning today, two teens who had been hit by a car and ditched on the pavement after a vicious brawl in a quiet Ajax park were dead.

The fight spilled out onto the street as a 17-year-old Scarborough boy was chased by a knife-wielding suspect before the blade caught up with him on the corner of Griffiths Dr. and Leah Cres.

Seconds after he was stabbed, as some jumped in cars and others fled on foot, two other Scarborough boys -- 15 and 17 -- were run down by a car allegedly driven by a teen fleeing from the park.

The force of the car was enough to knock down a tree in front of one house on the street where residents aren’t accustomed to police tape draped every which way, as it was Friday.

As the boys lay injured on the road, everyone, including the stabbing victim, took off.