24 February 2009

President McDreamy goes to Defcon 2

Oh my gawd... he's pullin' out the big gun.

Who's on deck... Celine Dion?
I think you forget that Clooney played a CIA agent in Syrianna, a soldier in Three Kings, and a colonel in Peacemaker, of course his advice is important.

He is far more knowledgeable than most in the new Whitehouse.
You sure won't get any argument from me.


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"Indeed. Over here at PMO we're still reeling from the Liberal "coup" of paying a newswire company to put a picture up in Times Square."

"The best we could do on short notice is line up the UN Sec Gen, business leaders, and five media interviews in NYC."

"Must. Work. Harder. To. Keep. Up. With. Genius. Ignatieff."
(via blue like you)