19 February 2009

Tonight's CTV Moonbat Moment

Have to admit I'm a little torn here... my first impulse was to go with Lloyd Robertson's simpering... "Nice to have a weatherwise President coming to Canada"... but I've gotta go with the Ottawa affiliate's... "On Obama Eve..."

Yes... blessed be HIS name.


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A McGuinty-commissioned report called "Ontario in the Creative Age" was recently delivered to the premier by Roger Martin, the dean of the University of Toronto's business school, and Richard Florida, the "creative class" guru who has written a series of best-selling books.

"Ontario in the Creative Age" says the jobs of the future will be creative so Ontario needs to go big on education and creativity. The premier could have learned this by buying one of Florida's books for $24.95 at Chapters.

Instead, he paid $2.2 million for a 35-page report.

"That's the 'health premiums' of 3,667 Ontario taxpayers."