23 February 2009

Remember all those guys...

...who were stalling the Conservative's "Tough on Crime" bill?

Well... it looks like they've been put on notice...
Liberals may still dominate the Senate, but the appointment of 18 senators has Conservatives predicting an end to the gridlock that has stalled their agenda.
Just as importantly... it looks like more of them are bothering to show up for work...
If nothing else, the appointments appear to have improved attendance. Media reports last summer suggested 33% of all senators had an attendance rate below 75%. But a review of attendance records since the arrival of the new senators shows only 20% of senators failed to meet the 75% threshold.
Help me out here... if 20% of the folks at your work failed to show up 75% of the time... would you consider that a win?

There's obviously still plenty of work to do here.

Or you could... fire... them... all.