24 February 2009

Well, heck... maybe Gawd does...

...play dice with the universe...
-- VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- A rocket carrying a NASA global warming satellite splashed into the ocean near Antarctica early today after a failed launch.

The Taurus XL rocket carrying the Orbiting Carbon Observatory blasted off just before 2 a.m., from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base. But minutes later, the fairing on the rocket failed to separate, a preliminary investigation found. The fairing is a clamshell cover protecting the satellite as it is blasted through the atmosphere.

The project was nine years in the making.
So... nine years... hundreds of scientists... clean rooms... one rocket later... that's a lotta btu's.

Oh, well.


This was the best of all worlds for Hansen et. al.

They get to spend millions of dollars on their pet project (AGW), and at the end of the day, they're not burdened my any pesky empirical data that they have to waste time falsifying!