24 February 2009

Craig Munro isn't aboriginal...

...he just plays one in prison...
Thursday's hearing will take place at his minimum-security prison, Kwikwexwelhp Healing Village, which puts aboriginal spirituality at the centre of its rehabilitation program. Munro is not aboriginal but has converted to native teachings.

The hearing will be conducted in a circle formation and will begin with a smudging ceremony. "Mr. Munro has requested an elder-assisted hearing," said National Parole Board spokesperson Patrick Storey.
And what sins will Munro be smudging away? Well, the cold-blooded murder of Constable Michael Sweet for one.
When Sweet went inside to investigate, he was blasted once in the chest with a shotgun. The father of three was left to bleed to death on the floor for more than an hour as the Emergency Task Force tried to negotiate with the Munro brothers, who reportedly taunted the dying officer, drank and took heroin.
I have a friend who knew the Munro brothers back in the day.

If Craig Munro is released... we should all be very, very afraid. There isn't enough sweetgrass in the world to put a dent in this guy's sociopathy.

If we ever turn this guy loose, it will be a very dark day for somebody.


AFTERTHOUGHT: Special prisons for "Special" people

So this is the first I've heard of Kwikwexwelhp Healing Village. i guess it's... what... an Abo-Centric prison?

This certainly seems like preferential treatment to me. Is there a special facility that caters to the unique needs of other apparently self-selecting groups? Is there an Emerald Isle Alcohol Abuse Centre... or a special facility to acclimatise Russian mobsters to a new and perplexing life in a non-police state?

And exactly what does it cost to cater to the broad strata of our modern criminal world?

Just wonderin'.


UPDATE: Parole Board gets one right