20 February 2009

I'm not the Prime Minister...

...I just play one in New York & Las Vegas...
New York City residents could have been forgiven for thinking that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was Canada’s prime minister Thursday night after the Liberal Party arranged to have an official photo of Ignatieff and U.S. President Barack Obama beamed to Times Square - one of the most famous intersections in the world.

The image of the two Harvard graduates standing side by side with a backdrop of Canadian and U.S. flags was simultaneously shown on a similar electronic billboard nearly 3,500 kilometers away on Las Vegas’s famous Strip.

The photo is expected to be shown about eight times over the course of 36 hours.
Conservatives contacted by the media confessed to being less than impressed...
“I guess Mr. Ignatieff is still more pre-occupied with getting coverage in the United States rather than in Canada where he has actually come back after 36 long years of being absent.”
Hey Iggy... not to burst your bubble... but, I'm pretty sure those guys don't get to vote up here.


"Imagine the liberals stimulating the US economy instead of ours. Did they buy carbon offsets for all that power they used."

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So after almost unanimous public and media consensus that yesterday was a good day for Prime Minister Harper and President Obama, one Liberal has launched a silly line of attack to rain on the parade.

I was just on CTV's Power Play with the chief architect of Iggy Infatuation Corner, Warren Kinsella. Warren, being the talented peddler of fantasy and folly that he is, threw out some line - grounded in nothing but Liberal envy of the PM's success of yesterday - that Stephen Harper would have voted for John McCain in the last U.S. election.

Well, as a Canadian, Stephen Harper doesn't get to vote in U.S. elections.

Unfortunately, my conversation with Warren was cut short by our moderator, Graham Richardson. Graham apologized for having to preempt us, but he did have an interview with the PM to air. Certainly a pretty acceptable reason to kick us to the curb.

But in the interest of accuracy and authenticity, I'd like to point out to Warren that it was his dearly beloved Michael Ignatieff who lived in the U.S. for 30 years, and voted proudly with his pen from his public pedestal for former President Bush's foreign policy on the war in Iraq and coercive torture techniques against enemy combatants. Sadly, it wasn't just one x. Many a letter was used by Ignatieff to celebrate the Bush doctrine.

When the PM does well, facts aren't available for criticism - so why not use fantasy to score points? It is the Liberal way, after all. I am still waiting to see those soldiers in the streets with guns.
Now Iggy actually split his time abroad between England and the United States... but you take the point here.


LAST WORD: Iggy says... "that wasn't my idea"