16 February 2009

Remember when you were a kid...

...and folks were always tryin' to bust a cap on your ass?
-- BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Surrey RCMP are investigating a gang-style shooting near Green Timbers Park.

At least 20 shots were fired at a four-door white luxury car between 10 and 11 a.m. Monday near 96 Avenue and 148 Street.

A woman has been shot dead. A four-year-old boy who was also in the car was not physically hurt and has been taken into government care.
Yeah... me neither.



On the CTV news tonight, Lloyd Robertson yammers on about an "execution style hit"... you know... as opposed to the non-execution variety.


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...maybe the shooters were traumatised...
-- WINNIPEG -- A Manitoba truck driver who had a first-hand look at the beheading of a man on a greyhound bus last year is citing the gruesome incident as the cause of his own legal problems.

Christopher Alguire, 29, is facing charges of break-and-enter and failing to appear in court stemming from an incident last fall in which he allegedly got drunk and broke into a fenced compound after a night of drinking at a rural Manitoba bar.