14 February 2009

But Pierre... somebody always loses

That's why it's called "War"... and not "Circle of Friends"...
-- MONTREAL -- The controversial re-enactment of the 1759 defeat of French forces on Quebec City's Plains of Abraham has been cancelled, Montreal media reports say.

Planned for August, the re-enactment struck a raw nerve with Quebec sovereigntists, who denounced it as an insulting reminder of their ancestors' defeat 250 years ago.

They threatened to protest the event, political commentators criticized it and even Premier Jean Charest threatened to stay away.

"Over on AT Home in Hespeler, we are planning a day of re-enactment - everybody does one, big or small, serious or humorous and post it on YouTube."

"Details are not worked out yet, but I'm thinking English guys in tweed and umbrellas beat the hell out of a bunch of goalies."