17 February 2009

POP QUIZ: Which federal political party...

..has pledged to bring violent, irredeemable killers back to Canada?

-- ANSWER: It ain't Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.
-- VANCOUVER -- Canada's public safety minister is calling on the Opposition to stop preventing his government's efforts to get tough on gang-related crime.

"What we really need is for the people of British Columbia and Canadians to send a clear message to other parties that the time has come to rebalance our justice system and support our agenda on tackling violent crime," Conservative MP Peter Van Loan told a news conference in Langley, B.C.

"I'm not trying to cast blame, I'm trying to get everybody to work together."

BREAKING: Another one bites the dust

Vancouver MP Ujjal Dosanjh was five blocks away when gunfire erupted. He raced to the scene.

"This is completely out of control," Dosanjh said. "Whatever we are doing now to stop gangs is not working."
Hey... maybe Ujjal can have a word with the Liberal Senators who were blocking the Conservative crime bill.