27 February 2009

The Farmer Bob Rifle Registry

It's time to drive a stake through this "Two Billion Dollar" Monster's heart...
This is a non-partisan issue and I hope Bill C-301 will be supported by all federal parties. There are MPs in all parties who firmly believe hunters, farmers and sport shooters have been forced to comply with an onerous and costly registration process that makes no sense.

I would encourage all hunters, sport shooters and fiscally responsible Canadians to let your MP know that you want this bill passed.

Let’s all help Parliament switch its focus to opposing the bad guys.


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The group heard one Somali community leader speak of the "snitch factor." If one wounded man would testify, the trial could go forward, said Abdurahman Jibril, a community development worker and chair of the Somali Canadian National Congress chair.

"Kids are kids," he said of their response to efforts to encourage them to do so. "They say they won't snitch. This is a culture we never had back (in Somalia)."
And the Red Star is quick to dispense total absolution to everyone involved...
"Tough questions were raised. Had authorities offered the families the support they needed? The victims must be traumatized. They must be scared."
The lunatics are truly running the asylum.

Thank goodness we got out in time.


LAST WORD: Apparently... it's safer in Somalia
"Canada is nothing. ... The Canadian government is nothing," Ahmed Abdikarim Mohammed told the Toronto Sun in front of his modest bungalow.

"I go," said Mohammed, a 58-year-old Toronto cab driver. "My plan is this week to go, all together."

"I die in Somalia," Abdikarim's father told the Sun. "That's the end for me."