23 February 2009

Premier McSlippery and his gang...

...sure talk a good game... just don't ask them to actually do anything...
Their reign of terror began with taunts about her nice clothes -- outfits she'd bought herself after long hours at her part-time job. Then it was derogatory names because she dared to excel at their vocational school and shunned drugs and alcohol.

They called her a slut; they spread rumours about her at school. They went on Facebook and MSN and told her friends to ditch her.

"It should have been dealt with right away when I was first seeking help," she insists earnestly. "People just talk (about bullying) but there's no action."

"A lot of things I went through are happening to a lot of people and nobody's doing anything about it. I thought someone would reach out and help me but nobody did."
What would you do if a wolfpack was terrorising your child?

More than Dalton and Education Minister Kathleen Wynne... would be my guess...
-- TORONTO -- Delinquent Ontario students are going to be supported -- and not automatically suspended or expelled from school -- this fall after the province abolishes zero-tolerance policies that have prompted appeals to the province's human-rights commission, Education Minister Kathleen Wynne said yesterday.
So we actually had a zero-tolerance policy in place to cover exactly this type of situation... but the Liberals killed it back in 2007. And the little thugs who are making this girl's life a living hell... are gonna be "supported"?!?

The McSlippery regime then spent a further 2 million taxpayer dollars trying to justify their irrational fuzzy-bunny policies.

Where is the "support" for poor Lindsay Hyde.

Funny how that works.