17 February 2009

So, now we're just gonna...

...hand over the gavel to every cultural "shoe thrower" that comes along?...
-- QUEBEC -- Commission head Andre Juneau says there are too many safety and security issues to take a chance on holding the event.

Quebec sovereigntists promised to protest outside the re-enactment and there had been threats against organizers.
How do you say... "Bend over & grab your ankles"... in French?


"Someone on Chucker's blog suggested we scrap the re-enactment and go for the best two out of three."
I remember back in the 90's I was at Ryerson, at a book reading by P.J. O'Rourke and someone asked him what he would do about the Separatistes.

P.J., never at a loss for words said... "Sure, you wanna go... go. But first... you pay your share of the national debt... and by the way, we're gonna need all those tanks, planes and guns back too."


LAST WORD: But wait... all is not lost