18 February 2009

Objects in the mirror...

...may be closer than you think...
Writing as Ashraf from his home in central Quebec, Mr. Namouh submitted 1,075 postings to the site about a year.

Ms. Katz said he was responsible for distributing hundreds of videos of terrorist propaganda through direct copies and Internet links.

The productions included instructions for making a suicide bomber's vest, a kidnapping video of BBC journalist Alan Johnston and a threat directed at Germany and Austria warning them of terrorist attacks if they failed to withdraw from Afghanistan.

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"We are glad to bring good tidings to our Islamic nation about the success of the mujahedeen in carrying out two quality operations in Niger," a Maghreb Qaida spokesman said on an audio recording aired by the pan-Arab Al-Jazeera television.

To analysts, the al-Qaida reference to applying Shariah law is tantamount to a threat the hostages will be killed if the group's conditions are not met.