12 February 2009

The Obama-fication of Iggy

Looks like the MSM wants to find out... if they can elect the leader of OUR country as well...
Michael Ignatieff is just weeks into his leadership, enjoying a honeymoon period, holding parties to make nice with Liberals still in recovery from the Dion era and fighting off American news media clamouring for interviews about his strong connections to Barack Obama.
And Hanoi Jane is quick to do her part...
Meanwhile, national opinion polls continue to put Mr. Ignatieff in a favourable light and the Conservatives under Prime Minister Stephen Harper are shying away from attacking him in the way they attacked Mr. Dion through a series of negative ads.
Jane... as usual... is full of prunes...
And what exactly is Iggy's "signal achievement" thus far?

Oh... right.


"What did Iggy do again? Oh yeah, he was another member of the opportunistic brain drain."