12 February 2009

Tonight's CTV Moonbat Moment

So I'm sitting there on the computer, not really paying that much attention to the CTV Ottawa affiliate... when I hear... "My son is not a killer. My son is just a accident. It could have happened to anybody."Which just doesn't sound right. I mean, I have to check to make sure I heard it right.

But sure enough, this woman is right there on television... defending the indefensible.
"Everybody deserves a second chance in their life and he didn't get one," said Dionne Pearson.
Hey, Dionne, maybe you mean... like Michael Oatway... the man your son murdered?
"He put the knife to Michael Oatway, said, 'Give me that iPod. Michael, frightened, outnumbered, said, 'I can't do that.'"

"It was his girlfriend's iPod," Mr. McDermott said, as if by way of explanation. "He'd borrowed it."

S.M. then upped the ante, the prosecutor said: "Give me that iPod or you're going to get cut."

Mr. Oatway died of a stab wound to the heart.
Hey, Shawn, buddy... love the warmup jacket.


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-- OTTAWA -- On Sept. 21, 2006, a young man who can be identified only as S.M. fatally stabbed a remarkably well-loved and gentle fellow named Michael Oatway, who, until the moment of his encounter with S.M., had been sitting quietly at the very back of an Ottawa-Carleton Transpo bus, listening to music, looking out the window and minding his own business.

Mr. Oatway's mistake was not to cower properly before S.M. and his three friends as they effectively surrounded him in the narrow rear confines of the bus, S.M. smartly directing him, at knifepoint, to hand over his iPod.

For this solitary and magnificent act of defiance, Mr. Oatway, all of 23, died.
Now... I imagine Deputy Dawg & his fellow traveller Canadian Cynic are gonna go apeshit... yet again... about what a racist I am.

Maybe they should try that tactic out on these guys... or better yet, the family of Michael Oatway.

Sitemeter tells me I'm getting all kinds of hits originating from old articles at Kathy Shaidles blog. Looks like there's gonna be another mammoth linky love-fest from the lunatic left.



...has to be the most ridiculous media operation in all of Canada.

Talking Head Max Keeping does stuff with the English language that make Stephane Dion sound like Winston Churchill. I'm sure there are drinking games at U of Ottawa... where you have to chug your beer... every time Max mangles a sentence, or steps on someone else's words.

Oh yeah, apparently there's an upcoming... and I shit you not... series on headlice.

I'm just itchin' to see that.