26 February 2009

Rebranding "British" Columbia

For me personally... it's a tossup between "Moonbattia" and "Oz"...
"The consonant-vowel pattern is readily manageable by speakers of language with clustered consonants, such as English, but also easily accessible for languages, such as Japanese, that do not have consonant clusters."

"It also does not have "r" and "l" (I think linguists call these "liquids") which are not easily moved from one language to another. Given the linguist plurality of British Columbia and of its Pacific neighbours, I think some thought should be given to how interlingual the name is."

"I am also very partial to Aboriginal words because they evoke this place in a way that no Latin or English word can."
Get your licks in... while you still can.


"How do you say, 'the government spent all our money on the Olympics' in Chinook?"