28 January 2009

Well, Iggy... the good news is...

...at least you guys have had plenty of practice...

-- OTTAWA -- Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said his party is prepared to “swallow hard” and support the Conservative government, provided they agree to table regular updates outlining how they are living up to their commitments outlined in the federal budget.

"'Swallow hard'? Is that like 'Hurray hard', or do i just have my sports confused?"


wilson said...

LOL. layton repeated over and over...'Iggy is acting just like Dion, this will be the 45th time the Liberals have propped up the Harper government''

Duceppe nailed it.....march will come, Iggy will say Canadians want an election like a hole in the head...but wait until June, I will be very serious...repeat hole in the head...but wait until Dec, then I will be serious about defeating this government....Christams...hole in the head.

So the Dippers and Bloc write the attack ad.... Dion and Iggy, same old story. Not a Leader.

alexb said...

"Swallow hard"
Is that like "Hurray hard" or do i just have my sports confused ?

Neo Conservative said...

"alexb asks... Is that like 'Hurray hard'"

outta the mouths of puffins.

put that quote and iggy's picture on a t-shirt... you could sell thousands of them.


Rural and Right said...

Professor Iggy wants 3 essays on the budget progress ... or else.

Liberals backing down and lovin it ... once again.

Anonymous said...

In the words of the super spy Austin Powers "Well what is it BABY, spits or swallows?"