19 March 2008

I guess it's sorta like a crossword...

You have to fill in the missing pieces...
A man was stabbed three times apparently after saying hello to a fellow passenger on a TTC bus yesterday.
Okay, a fairly typical Toronto tale so far, but unlike a lot of crime reports... we get an amazingly detailed description of the perpetrator... to a point.
Police describe the suspect as 18-20 years old, 6-foot-2, with a slim build and short, dark, braided hair.

He was wearing silver loop earrings with diamonds, a black tuque and coat that said "State Property" on the left side, police said. He was also carrying a black mesh bag on his back.
Hang on a second... if the purpose of providing a description of the assailant is to help the public provide information on this guy's identity to the police... aren't they leaving something out?


Shsssssssh... we're playin' by "Toronto Rules."
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RELATED: Reporter Don Peat has learned his lesson...

He's started reporting actual crimes...
A Toronto man faces 34 charges including attempted murder after a shot was fired at 51 Division officers.

Jahnoie Tinglin, 21, of Toronto is charged with two counts of attempted murder while using a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, two counts of discharging a firearm to prevent arrest...

LAST WORD: Uh, Lloyd... if you're not too busy...
"I'm surprised this incident hasn't received more media attention."

"Chinese officials seizing and detaining dissidents is big news when it happens in Tibet, but not in Calgary?"