20 March 2008

Well... there's a real newsflash

Lemme see if I can dumb this down enough... for even the biggest under-achievers in the class.

Mexico is a corrupt, sweaty-balled, third world banana republic... and you shouldn't expect to encounter any semblance of Canadian democracy, or, more importantly... Canadian jurisprudence... if you're foolish enough to cross their borders.
-- EDMONTON -- Mexico has flatly rejected a request from Canada to release Brenda Martin, the Canadian woman imprisoned without trial for more than two years.
The fact is, they don't really care about what you want, or what you think... and they especially don't respond to stupid bluster...
"I told him that if I get sentenced to 15 years and I have to serve half my time in prison in Canada I will stay here and kill myself, that's it, I am not going back to Canada to go to prison," Martin said.
Now... if I was in a Mexican prison... I'm pretty sure I'd be willing to confess to killing JFK... shit... maybe all the Kennedys... to get my sorry ass back to Canada.

You worry about gettin' home... and you straighten out the rest of that shit at your leisure.

I guess Brenda Martin has some other ideas.
-- OTTAWA -- A Canadian woman imprisoned in a Mexican jail says a visit by a pair of Conservative MPs was nothing more than a "dog-and-pony show."
Good luck to her.


UPDATE: Yeah... no monkey business here... huh?


LAST WORD: Uh, Brenda... you're losin' me here...

And apparently, the majority of Canadians.