27 March 2008

Things that make you go...

"Why was Tuesday's hearing the one day that won't be transcribed and published?"

"Why was a trifling savings of a court stenographer -- who costs, what, a third of what a lawyer bills? -- chosen as the one area of economy to find?"

"Is the Tribunal, with the unlimited resources of the government, out of cash?"
Not worried yet? Maybe you should be.
"Do you access the internet on a wireless connection?"

"Well, your government "thought protectors" may be borrowing your internet identity to play-act as white supremacists on foreign internet forums - if you're lucky."

"Because if they can play-act as "Jadewarr, jew-hater", they can play-act as "Jadewarr, child pornographer", or "Jadewarr, bridge blower"."
I'm not sure how tech-savvy my readership is... but you should be aware that virtually every laptop sold nowadays comes with built-in wireless capability.

I also read somewhere recently that over 90% of wireless routers are installed as-is... wide open, no password... and it appears as though "Jadewarr" at the HRC has been taking advantage of that fact.

And with the advent of widespread high-speed access and 50 dollar wi-fi routers, there isn't, even out here in the backwoods, too many places where I can't find a mobile connection.

For example... I'll be taking Mrs. N shopping this afternoon... and I'll be checking my email and blogging from the grocery store parking lot.

So, to all my less geeky, more trusting fellow citizens in the apartment across the street from the shopping centre... I say thank you in advance.

I do appreciate your helping hand.