30 March 2008

A curious double standard

Here in Canada... as our overburdened healthcare system continues to collapse under the crush of increasing demand, we are constantly being told that our emphasis must shift to prevention... rather than treatment... of illness.

It's an idea that is very much in vogue in the larger world as well.
"At least one organization that treats AIDS patients has called for giving up on a vaccine and shifting the money to testing, treatment and prevention."
But the New York Times, yet again defying logic, reason and common-sense pronounces...
"That is too defeatist."
Now, call me crazy... it just seems to me that AIDS... at least here in North America... is one of the more easily preventable diseases one might encounter.

So, how about it guys?

Maybe incredibly promiscuous, drug-fuelled sex isn't such a great idea after all.

Or that whole messed-up i.v. drugs thing... what's that about?

If it's not too much trouble here, how about you throw on a condom... or maybe take a pass on that "community" syringe?

Just a thought.


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