19 March 2008

"The man is a provocateur..."

"He is an agitator, and now thanks to the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal, god forbid, he's a freedom fighter..."
I've gotta say... when the fuzzy-bunny CBC starts mocking your leftist HRC ass... you are truly in deep muck.


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"Yes, indeed, people are very angry at the Commission and its sock puppet investigators."

"So what?"

"The rest of us - police officers, childcare workers, criminal accused, lawyers, average guy witnesses - have to appear in open Court except in the most extraordinary circumstances."

UPDATE: One for the good guys
"I was just forwarded a copy of a Commission decision that has overruled the Human Rights Tribunal's invocation of Section 37 of the Human Right's Act."

"Section 37, as you may or may not know, is a clause of the HRA that allows tribunal proceedings to be held in secret, if the tribunal determines there is any threat to safety of witnesses."