24 March 2008

Mount Cherniak is dribbling nonsense...

Yet again...
"Do you actually believe that anybody has the 'personal freedom' to 'take over the state?' This is so embarrassingly stupid, I'm shocked."

"The Nazis were criminals, Jason! It's the crime that's the problem, not the personal freedom!"
Don't worry, Jason... Jeffy 'Bugboy' Davidson still loves you.


COUNTERPOINT: So Jason, let's try a big boy argument
"The activists, NGO types, censorious government mandarins and law-school profs who champion Section 13.1 declared their fealty to hyper-tolerance as a state creed many years ago, and are impatient for the rest of us to recite the same pledge of allegiance."

"It sickens the censors that anyone, anywhere, no matter how marginalized, entertains private thoughts at variance with their enlightened attitudes."
(via bcf)


I got a kick out of his phrase Nazi libertarians.

I had to get out my political dictionary for that one. I'm still trying to figure out what it's supposed to mean.

This forms a pattern. Cherniak appears to believe that the greatest threat to freedom is... freedom.